TASC – the Academy for Smarter Communities – A New Digital Deal in Action

2018 saw the launch of TASC, the academy for smarter communities, that I now lead. TASC provides high end three day Masterclasses for City leadership and their peers in relevant and selected organizations. Many of the essentials covered in A New Digital Deal (including the 20 building blocks framework) get applied in the TASC Masterclasses. Yet the TASC training are not the equivalent of the book in training format. The TASC community of experts and trainers consists of some of the world’s absolute best in this space. Their experience lies at the heart of TASC. Further, the training consists of hundreds of examples, exercises, cases, challenges that go well beyond the book.

TASC Masterclasses are either “Open Enrollment” (free for any qualified individual to join) or they are dedicated – Masterclasses we specifically organize for the TASC Anchor Cities, focusing oin their community, their challenges, their leadership. Find out more about TASC on our webpages at

If you are interested in one of our upcoming Open Enrollment classes, here is the call to action!

JOIN us for our Open Enrollment Smart City Masterclass in Dubai and in Copenhagen, March 2019!

Let’s build A New Digital Deal together.


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