Beyond Smart Cities. How
to Best Leverage
Digitalization for the
Benefit of our Communities.

The Revised 2020 Edition


How can we foster the digital enablement of our communities? How to plan for digitalization efforts that deliver value – economically, socially, and environmentally? What can we do to ensure human values are central to the exercise of digitalization? Why have so many ‘smart city’ initiatives produced mixed results and what can we learn from them? What are the stepping stones for success in building and executing on a smart city or country digitalization strategy? What does ‘digital-ready’ governance for a city, a region or a country look like? How must we prepare for a fertile coming together of investments, start-up acceleration, innovation stimulation, tech enterprise, citizens and the community at large? A New Digital Deal answers these vital questions by articulating both a vision on community digitalization and a rudimentary, practical framework of building blocks. It explores the essence of digitalization, how communities can benefit from the next leap of digital change, and what it is needed to orchestrate it across stakeholders, both public and private, targeting economic, societal and environmental aims, cumulating in a New Deal that is digital in nature.

Key topics

  • A Comprehensive Framework: the 20 Building Blocks for Community Digitalization – Or: how do I build and execute on a ´smart´ digitalization strategy for my city, region or country
  • An in-depth analysis of what constitutes digitalization, and how it is impacting our communities, cultures, values, our organizational designs and our economies
  • Digitalization and Ethics: why we need a New Deal for digitalization itself and how to get started
  • Perspectives on market and value creation in the ´smart city´ space– and how citizens, governments, large enterprise, and start-ups need each other
  • Overview of the history of smart cities, and smart city pitfalls
  • How to lay the fundaments for working data strategies
  • New Digital Deal call-outs by 22 leaders interviewed for this book, including City CTOs, former White House leadership, Silicon Valley leadership, academia, authors and other opinion- shapers.

From the call-outs

  1. "A New Digital Deal may be the most critical work for a growing com-munity of Smart City planners, operators and leaders"

    Bob Bennett, Chair, Cities Today Institute, Former Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City, USA
  2. "My hope is that digitalization and IoT will help us accelerate the green transition, fight climate change and reach the sustainable development goals. In Copenhagen, IoT solutions constitute a key enabling technology helping us become carbon-neutral by 2025."

    Poul Erik Lauridsen, CEO of Gate21, Denmark
  3. "Humanity should not fit into technology. Technology should fit into humanity. In order to achieve the above, we will have to collaborate. We will either collaborate or we will perish."

    Gerd Leonhard, author of ‘Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine’
  4. "Great cities never sleep. They are on a never-ending journey of reinvention, enabled by technology."

    Chris Vein, Former Deputy US CTO, Obama White House, and Former CIO for San Francisco
  5. "The very aim of Smart Cities should be to enable social integration and civic engagement through the usage of technology embedded in each and every aspect of our city life. We do that through the sea of data that we can manage today, and that we can transform into services that we could not even dream about a few years ago. This is the deal, the new social deal, which Bas is proposing to all of us – a New Digital Deal."

    Antoni Vives, Former Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, CEO at City Transformation Agency
  6. "One of the world’s authentic thought leaders in the Smarter Cities space, Bas combines a unique set of outstanding qualities including deep technical knowledge, broad business insights, and a human-centered design sensibility, second to none."

    Lev Gonick, CIO, Arizona State University
  7. "My call-to-action for leaders in the public sector is to serve your constituents boldly – get out of your comfortable zones. Fight for disruptive change in your departments."

    Michael Pegues, CIO, City of Aurora, Ill.
  8. "An excellent review of the last 15 years in the smart cities space and a very sharp glimpse into the future of this industry. Bas Boorsma brings together some of the most innovative minds in this space on this easy to read book."

    Nicola Villa, SVP, Mastercard
  9. "This book has one realize how dangerously little the topic features on political agendas."

    Hans Laroes, Editor in chief, Dutch Public Broadcasting, the Nether-lands

About the author

Bas has 18 years of experience in the urban innvation and digitalization domain. He is Chief Innovation Officer at Change= ( as well as VP EMEA at the Cities Today Institute ( In addition, Bas is Professor of Practice at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. He also serves as a member of the board of The Smart City Association Italy (TSCAI). Bas served in various global and regional leadership positions at Cisco (2007-2018). From 2015 to 2018, Bas served as Cisco's Digitization lead for the Northern European region. The views expressed in A New Digital Deal are strictly his own. Bas was educated an historian, works in the present, with the future as his canvas. He was born in the Year 29 BG - Before Google.
Bas Boorsma Author of "A NEW DIGITAL DEAL"

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A New Digital Deal is globally available on In various European countries the book can also be ordered via If you require multiple copies, leave us a message under ´Bulk and Direct´. For larger numbers, discounts will apply. A New Digital Deal is available in both hard copy and e-book formats.
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