In Praise of ‘A New Digital Deal’: the first testimonials

A New Digital Deal has been out for close to three months – and this has resulted in a great badge of testimonials. Per the below, find out what leaders in the field have to say about the book…

Bas Boorsma’s new book does double duty. First, it helps with strategy, by suggesting the broad outcomes and values that should be at the center of any smart city effort. Second, it helps with tactics by proposing a framework to guide your actions. He recommends the best practices — and warns of the greatest pitfalls — based on years of hard-won experience. Essential reading for cities and the companies that serve them.

Jesse Berst, Chairman, Smart City Council, USA

What a pleasure to read Boorsma’s A New Digital Deal. Rooted in deep conceptual and historical grounds, he nonetheless provides a wealth of practical advice, lessons learned and executable strategies for communities wishing to transform themselves with the help of digitalization. There are many excellent practitioners and thinkers voices here too. But critically, it’s not just a practical guide for the perplexed – it’s very thoughtful about the human and ethical dimensions of real place making and community building.

Simon Willis, Managing Director, OpenGov Inc., United Kingdom

Successful digitalization of communities is a complex patchwork quilt of many competing priorities and stakeholders.  Bas Boorsma articulates these challenges, and more.  ‘A New Digital Deal’ provides a comprehensive road map to help city and corporate leaders successfully translate the smart city promise into reality.  The opportunity to finance this vision will no doubt be equally compelling!

Stephen Burns, Managing Director, Barings Alternative investments, United Kingdom


Like so many others I am well aware of the revolutionary nature of the transition we find ourselves in the middle of. However, A New Digital Deal makes the point clearly as to how much larger, closer and disruptive this transition is. The book brings about the optimist in me yet it also has me contemplate a number of pensive perspectives to the point of pessimism. It has one realize how little the topic features on political agendas. Great progress is being made irrespective of the political powers-that-be, yet that brings about the inherent risk of propelling innovations without checks or balances. I admire the research that has gone into the book, especially given the vastness and comprehensive nature of the subject-matter – in the end, this book does not focus on a single industry or domain but on society at large. It is philosophical, visionary, clear-sighted and to the point – a work of high quality.

Hans Laroes, Editor in chief, Dutch Public Broadcasting, the Netherlands

Bas is a thought leader and change agent in community digitalization. His book, ‘A New Digital Deal’ provides a roadmap on how communities can transition and thrive in the digital era. This book is a first of its kind, providing vision and rationale on the emergence of a digital society, critical factors to consider and insightful guidance on how communities can successfully make the transition. ‘A New Digital Deal’ is helpful and relevant to any and all stakeholders, as well as citizens who are interested in understanding what is on the horizon and how to get there.

Lauren Riga, Community Digitalization Liaison, USA/Global, former Smart City Lead – City of Indianapolis, USA

An excellent review of the last 15 years in the smart cities space and a very sharp glimpse into the future of this industry. Bas Boorsma brings together some of the most innovative minds in this space on this easy to read book.

Nicola Villa, SVP, Mastercard, former partner & VP, IBM, the Netherlands

There are only a few true pioneers plowing new ground in the art & science of smart cities — and Bas Boorsma is at the top of that list. ‘A New Digital Deal’ stands out amongst the very short list of books worth reading in this category, and not merely because Bas brings more than a decade of front-line experience to bear. He provides a recipe for action, with the full array of 20 key ingredients and the underlying values needed for success.

Gordon Feller, Founder, Meeting of the Minds, USA


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